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Products and services

In line with the business objective of "providing the most satisfactory products and services to customers", Anhui green energy energy Co., Ltd. solemnly promises: ensuring the advanced, reliable and stable equipment, and constantly improving the quality of products, ensuring the best customer service and customer satisfaction and confidence from the sale to the after sale delivery.

01Pre-sales service

We provide professional consultation and answer any professional technical questions and product consultation you put forward

We provide detailed information, provide all the information you choose

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone, email, QQ, etc

02In sale service

The company carries out strict testing for each product before leaving the factory to ensure the good quality of the product

We provide consulting services for installation, debugging, use and maintenance of relevant products

We follow up the coordination work with decoration units to ensure that the goods are timely, accurate and safe

03After-sale service

Respond to after-sales service within 24 hours

Can provide customers with after-sales product installation, commissioning, maintenance and other use suggestions

The company is responsible for the quality of all products provided

In the process of product use, if the customer finds any products or accessories that do not meet the requirements, the company will repair or replace them in time until they meet the requirements