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Steady grasp, step by step Simultaneous shipment of multiple domestic orders


On April 14, 2021, several domestic orders were shipped at the same time. Among them, including Chengdu Weitelong, Zichuan Andu, Xiaogan Tengxing, Qiqihar Mao Jiaxin and Beijing Zhengtianqi.

Recently, orders for domestic and foreign gas cylinders have increased dramatically, and in order to ensure that customers' products can be delivered on time with quality and quantity, Anhui Greentech staff worked overtime for production. To ensure that customers receive the goods on time and use them.

Although catching up with the delivery date, every employee of Anhui Green Action still seriously and strictly follow the production operation process (heat treatment, hardness test, external polishing, thread processing, ultrasonic flaw detection, hydraulic test, shoulder embossing, gas-tight test, external and internal polishing, plastic spraying, finished product inspection), over the years, Anhui Green Action has also been praised and praised by the majority of customers, and has always maintained a leading position in the gas cylinder industry, Green Action Energy Gas Cylinder Production Department, Gas Cylinder R&D Department, Gas Cylinder Technology Department, Gas Cylinder Logistics Department, Gas Cylinder Sales Department, in line with the principle of customer first and quality first, are committed to building a global quality gas cylinder supplier!

Our main products: CNG-1, CNG-2, CNG-3, CNG-4, LPG, industrial cylinders (oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, etc.), firefighting cylinders, breathing apparatus. The scope of saleable areas: the whole of China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Latin America. Our company sincerely invites all major enterprises at home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us!

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