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Celebrate Anhui Clean Energy's shipments to Australia and further deliver the strength of made in China


For delivering the sign of made in China and inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, staffs of Clean Energy have worked day and night since March 22, 2021. Benefit from their efforts,  which ensure the quality of the products. The Australian partner's industrial bottle order delivery task was successfully completed.

After receiving the order, our company prepares a series of tasks for procurement, production and delivery according to the export requirements which under circumstance of the current epidemic prevention and control firstly. To ensure the quality and quantity, our departments perform their duties, plan their schedules, spare no pains, and work with all the energy to complete the order on time.

Thank the partners for their trust in our company. We will forge ahead with continuous efforts. Strengthen the follow-up documentary service process, form a modern, professional, intelligent, and integrated service platform to provide customers with better services and guarantees. 

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