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Aluminum alloy fully wound composite cylinder with inner liner for air breathing apparatus

Aluminum alloy fully wound composite cylinder with inner liner for air breathing apparatus/Composite gas cylinders for air breathing apparatus

Mfg. Standard:EN12245

Norminal Working Pressure(bar):300bar

Hyd.test Pressure(bar):450bar

Filling Medium:Compressed air

Material:6061AL+Carbon fiber + glass fiber

Water Capacity(L):6.8L/9.0L


Product advantages: the bottle body is made of carbon fiber fully wound to bear the pressure more evenly and stably, and the bottle body weight is lighter

Exporting countries: Southeast Asia, China

Use scenarios: fire fighting, water rescue, forest rescue

Product introduction

CNG cylinder description

Use steel seamless gas cylinders, CNG automotive glass fiber winding gas cylinders, CNG automotive carbon fiber winding gas cylinders, CNG automotive composite material winding gas cylinders, steel seamless gas cylinders for CNG stations, fire-fighting steel cylinders, LPG gas cylinders, respirators Equal yield Product.

Advanced production technology of CNG cylinders

Our compressed natural gas cylinders (cng-1) for vehicles are made of seamless steel pipes and the most advanced hot spinning forming technology to ensure that the cylinder length tolerance is within 5-10mm. Our company’s laboratory is equipped with a full range of testing machines, direct reading light Spectrometer, universal tester, low temperature tester. Impact testing machine, blasting testing machine, high temperature and low temperature. Gas circulation testing machine, etc. Each cylinder is inspected and tested on the production line before leaving the factory, including hardness test, UT test, Hydraulic test and leak test.

Cylinder Model Mfg. Standard Norminal Working Pressure
Hyd.test Pressure
Design Wall Thickness
Material Water Capacity
Outer Diameter
Cylinder Weight
Propane Weight
LPG-12.5 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 12.5 305 388 3.55 5.00
LPG-18.2 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 18.2 305 468 4.35 7.50
LPG-24.5 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 24.5 305 575 5.50 10.00
LPG-26.2 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 26.2 305 595 5.60 10.70
LPG-27.4 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 27.4 305 620 5.70 11.20
LPG-34.5 EN 12245:2009 20 30 1.5 PET 34.5 305 740 7.00 15.00

Common problem

Q1: Are you manufacturer or trade company?

A1: We are a Chinese manufacturer, and have been specializing in manufacturing gas cylinders for more than 10 years. Our company brand is “LD”.

Q2: What is your daily production capacity?

A2: Our production capacity everyday is 800~1000 units.

Q3: What is your delivery time?

A3: Usually our delivery time is 25-45 days against the advance payment. Mainly it depends on when we get the production materials.

Q4: What certificates do you have?

A4: We have ISO9001 and IATF16949 for management system, and ISO9809, ISO11439 and ECE R110 for production approval.

Q5: Do you accept OEM production?

A5: Of course, we have served several famous motor OEMs, such as TOYOTA(Thailand)-Thailand, IKCO-Iran, GAZ-Russia, DF-China, and FOTON-China, etc. We would like to serve more customers with our superior quality.

Q6: Can you provide samples to us?

A6: Yes, we can provide 1-2 samples for your testing freely, but you need to undertake the logistic cost firstly.

Q7: Can you customize the products?

A7: Yes, we can provide you with various customized products. For example, your company brand/logo, different accessories and your favorite colors.