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CNG natural gas cylinder is a characteristic product of Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, economical benefits, new energy, safety, etc., which is favored by customers.

On April 17, 2021, Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd. successfully completed the packing and delivery of CNG order products in Indonesia. This time the product is the red CNG type 1. In order to ensure that the product can reach the customer's hands with high quality , Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd. makes overall arrangements to ensure that the production tasks are carried out in an orderly manner.

Due to the large volume of the gas cylinders and the large output, the factory employees worked hard to cooperate and meticulously load the gas cylinders into the truck. This batch of CNG products have passed through layers of checks from production, inspection to packaging to ensure the quality of the products. Subsequently, the company will continue to provide professional after-sales service to provide customers with better services, thereby gaining recognition and support.

Every employee of Anhui Clean Energy is serious and strictly in accordance with the production operation process (heat treatment, hardness testing, external polishing, thread processing, ultrasonic testing, hydraulic testing, shoulder imprinting, air tightness test, external polishing and internal polishing, Plastic spraying and finished product inspection). Over the years, Anhui Clean Energy has also been praised and praised by the majority of customers. It has maintained a leading position in the gas cylinder industry. The Green Energy Gas Cylinder Production Department, Gas Cylinder R&D Department, Gas Cylinder Technology Department, The gas cylinder logistics department and gas cylinder sales department are committed to building a global supplier of high-quality gas cylinders based on the principle of customer first and quality first!

The company's main products: CNG-1, CNG-2, CNG-3, CNG-4, LPG, industrial bottles (oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, etc.), fire bottles, respirators. Available sales area: China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Latin America. The company sincerely invites major domestic and foreign companies to visit and cooperate with us!

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